The goal of our research project is the reconstruction and explanation of social processes and cultural meanings in the commemoration of Jan Hus. Our comparative research design aims to provide insights into local and national differences in cultural memory and test and develop different theories of performativity, iconicity and cultural memory.


Conference Papers

Werner Binder and Nils Meise. “Multiple Hybridisierung. Das KonstanzerGedenkwochenende für Jan Hus.” Hybridisierung inszenierter Ereignisse. TU Dortmund, April 8-9, 2016.

International Sociological Association, 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology, Vienna

A set of project papers will be presented in July 10-14, 2016, at the ISA Conference in Vienna.

  • Barry Stephenson. “Religious Heritage and the Mobilization of Cultural Trauma.” Session: “Roundtables II: Europe, Communities, Multiple Secularities, Individuals & Power.”
  • Werner Binder. “The Contested Heritage of Mistr Jan Hus.” Session: “The Politics of Religious Heritage, Memory, Identity, and Place. Part II.”

Current Projects and Papers

  • Authenticity in Commemorative Practices. Dominik Zelinsky. A paper on the use of authenticity in specific objects used in the ecumenical mass, Konstanz’s main church, the Münster Unserer Lieben Frau, July 6, 2015.
  • Narrative Genres in Cultural Memory Practices. Werner Binder. A paper applying Northrop Frye’s theory of narrative genres to the discourse and narrativizing of the Hus story.
  • The Death of Jan Hus and the Life of the Spirit. Werner Binder. A paper of Hegelian Reflections on Hus Commemorative Practices in Konstanz, July, 2015.
  • Humor in Cultural Memory Practices. Petr Kubala. A paper exploring a “joking field” attached to the iconic figure of Jan Hus in commemorative events and media.
  • Theorizing Cultural Trauma. Barry Stephenson. A paper probing, testing, and developing Jeffrey Alexander’s theory of cultural trauma, in relation to cultural memory practices in Konstanz.
  • The deployment of historical narratives of Jan Hus among visitors to Konstanz. Jenda Vanoic. An ethnographically-focused paper exploring Hus as a multilayered meaning-container, filled by a broad set of audiences and interpreters on the ground in Konstanz.
  • Material Objects and Cultural Memories. Nils Meise. Paper on how material objects are connected to the remembrance of Jan Hus, and how people make sense of these objects in respect to space and place.